Who is Warren R Rodwell ?


TV Channel 9 TODAY Show

TV Channel 9 TODAY Show

Kidnap hostage survivor Warren Richard Rodwell ( born Homebush, Sydney NSW ) is a 6th generation Anglo-Australian, who has appeared on national television and radio, and the international media during and after his 472 days captivity between 5th December 2011 and 23rd March 2013. Warren R Rodwell  is now the subject of a biographical hard cover BOOK  about his horrendous ordeal in the far southern Philippines.

“472 Days Captive of The Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell” by independent researcher Dr Bob East ( Cambridge  Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom ) ( 2015 )

http://www.cambridgescholars.com/472-days-captive-of-the-abu-sayyaf  http://warrenrodwell.com/2014/11/read-the-book-up-to-you/ http://au.linkedin.com/pub/dr-bob-east/18/646/b89     





Warren Rodwell / Dr Bob East

472 Days Captive






British Library Cataloguing Data
ISBN (10): 1-4438-7058-7
ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-7058-0

237 BTP. True stories of heroism, endurance & survival
887 JPWL. Terrorism, armed struggle
735 JKV. Crime & criminology

The following extracted from the book foreword by Dr Peter M Sales … http://fatforeigner.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/book-472-days-captive/

One can only be humbled by reading about the things he had to endure. The author is to be complimented for fashioning the story so personal concerns are persuasively interwoven with the larger picture. We are able to salute Warren Rodwell while at the same time congratulating Bob East on a tale well told.








At 472 days, Warren Rodwell is the longest held Australian captive outside of wartime. “Not only did Warren survive his 15 month kidnap experience, which would undoubtedly have taken considerable judgment and negotiation skills, he was also released upon payment of around 5% of the original $2 million ransom demand.” (Professor Damien Kingsbury)


http://en.wiki2.org/wiki/Abu_Sayyaf#Warren_Rodwell http://warrenrodwell.shutterfly.com http://warrenrodwell.webs.com/ 


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  1. Matt Etheridge and Warren Rodwell

    Locking in Survivor WARREN RODWELL and True Aussie Spirit – By Matt Etheridge http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/locking-survivor-warren-rodwell-warren?trk=prof-post

    After graduating in History & Politics from the University of Exeter, English born television producer Matt Etheridge worked for British Sky Broad – casting in London for eight years prior to joining the flagship Australian commercial free-to-air network Channel 9 (Sydney) in 2010.

    Matt writes of his recent encounter with and personal impressions of kidnap survivor Warren Rodwell, the longest held Australian captive outside of war time.

    Is The Australian Prime Minister Satisfied

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  2. WIKIPEDIA …. Abu Sayyaf / Warren Rodwell

    Warren Richard Rodwell (born June 16, 1958 [62] Homebush NSW) [63] a former soldier [64] in the Australian Army, and university English teacher,[65] grew up in Tamworth NSW [66] He was shot through the right hand when seized [67] from his home at Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines on December 5, 2011 [68] by Abu Sayyaf (ASG) militants.[69] Rodwell later had to have a finger amputated.[70]

    Warren Rodwell - Australia

    The ASG threatened to behead Rodwell [71] if the original ransom demand for $US2 million was not paid.[72] Both the Philippine and Australian governments had strict policies of refusing to pay ransoms.[73] Australia formed a multi-agency task force to assist the Philippine authorities, and liaise with Rodwell’s family.[74] A news blackout was imposed.[75] Filipino politicians helped negotiate the release.[76] After the payment of $AUD94,000 [77] for “board and lodging” expenses [78] by his siblings, Rodwell was released 472 days later on March 23, 2013.[79] The incumbent Australian prime minister praised the Philippines government for securing Rodwell’s release. Tribute was also made to Australian officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Australian Federal Police and Defence.[80] Rodwell subsequently returned to Australia.[81]


  3. .

    WIKIPEDIA …. Abu Sayyaf / Warren Rodwell

    As part of the 2015 Australia Day Honours, Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel Paul Joseph Barta was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC) for outstanding devotion to duty as the Assistant Defence Attaché Manila during the Australian whole of government response to the Rodwell kidnap for ransom (and immediately following, the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan). At the 2015 Australian Federal Police Foundation Day award ceremony in Canberra, fourteen AFP members received the Commissioners’ Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct for their work in support of the Philippine National Police and Australian Government efforts to release Australian man Warren Rodwell.[82]

    Warren R Rodwell

    By the end of his 15 months as a hostage in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Rodwell had lost about 30 kilograms in weight due to starvation,[83] His biography 472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell by independent researcher Dr Robert (Bob) East was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom (2015) ISBN 1-4438-7058-7 [84]

    In January 2015, Mindanao Examiner newspaper reported the arrest of Barahama Ali [85] kidnap gang sub-leaders linked to the kidnapping of Warren Rodwell, who was seized by at least 5 gunmen (disguised as policemen), and eventually handed over or sold by the kidnappers to the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan province.[86]

    Warren Richard Rodwell


  4. WIKIPEDIA …. Abu Sayyaf / Warren Rodwell

    In May 2015, ex-Philippine National Police (PNP) officer Jun A. Malban was arrested in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia for the crime of “Kidnapping for Ransom” after Rodwell identified him as the negotiator/spokesperson of the Abu Sayyaf Group during his captivity. Further PNP investigation revealed that Malban is the cousin of Abu Sayyaf leaders Khair Mundos and Borhan Mundos. The director of the Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) stated that Malban’s arrest resulted from close coordination by the PNP, National Bureau of Investigation (Philippines) and Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission with the Malaysian counterparts and through Interpol. [87]’

    Warren R Rodwell


  5. Many thanks to Carol for having Warren R Rodwell on her show. Likewise, to those who have listened and commented. One can only be truly impressed with the concept of Never Ever Give Up …. Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Experienced the Extraordinary.


    Carol Graham’s style and presentation is exceptionally smooth and polished. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by her. The motto Warren Rodwell now subscribes to is , “It is better to die with memories, than live only with dreams”.

    Here are links to a couple of songs Mr Rodwell wrote, inspired by his ordeal. It is trusted that everyone will appreciate and enjoy them …

    Composed & performed by Mad Cowboy Disease

    Composed & performed by Mad Cowboy Disease


    TV Channel 9 Australia – TODAY Show
    with Lisa Wilkinson and Ben Fordham


  6. Warren Rodwell + 60 Minutes + tara Brown

    Former hostage Warren Rodwell slams 60 Minutes: ‘Kidnapping can never be excused’ ….
    By Liz Burke news.com.au …

    WHEN Warren Rodwell was kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippines and held captive for 472 days, it made him question everything he knew. He was cuffed, shot through the hand, mistreated and starved. He was left isolated in a mountainous warzone for 10 weeks and imprisoned the rest of the time. He was delirious. Once he was freed in 2013, the former soldier says he looked like a prisoner of war, and was grappling with his sanity.



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